St. Pauls Episcopal Church St. Pauls Episcopal Church
200 Riverside Avenue
Riverside, Connecticut 06878
Phone: 203-637-2447


We welcome your inquiries. To contact us, please either click on the highlighted name for e-mail or call 203-637-2447 and staff member's respective extension. 


The Rev. Stephanie M. Johnson,  Rector x 26
 The Rev. Liz Skaleski, Deacon

Lay Staff

  Ann Post, Director of Children's Ministries ext 25

  David B. Johnson, Director of Music  ext 28
                      Elizabeth Schrohe,  Parish Communicator
   Toni Natale, Director, Day School  203-637- 3503                                              
   John Gleeson, Sexton  ext 23

   Tanya Barrera, Bookkeeper


       Margaret Feldmeth, Senior Warden   

                                    Holden Sibley, Junior Warden

                                    Bob Barolak, Treasurer  

                                    Jo Marie Halsey, Clerk 

Term Ending 2020
   Amy Fallon        
   Rob Sherman    

Term Ending 2021
  Donna Reed
  Jaye Richey
  Minou Oplinger

Term Ending 2022
Skip Parker
Christine O'Neil
Charlie Wardell

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