St. Pauls Episcopal Church St. Pauls Episcopal Church
200 Riverside Avenue
Riverside, Connecticut 06878
Phone: 203-637-2447

Charities and oganizations supported by St. Paul's Outreach in recent years:

Neighbor to Neighbor food bank

St. Luke’s Lifeworks

Ecole de Bon Samaritan, Haiti

Greenwich Adult Day Care

Easter and Thanksgiving baskets

Angel tree

Kids in Crisis

Food Pantry

Faith in Action Team

The mission of St. Paul's Outreach is to know, love and serve Christ through ministry to the local, regional and international community as well as the Millennium Development Goals.

Faith in Action Team (F.I.A.T.) at St. Paul's 

We provide financial assistance to non-profit charities which include those addressing hunger, clothing and shelter (Neighbor to Neighbor, Inspirica), health and educational support (Ecole de Bon Samaritan, Haiti), and care of our seniors (Greenwich Adult Day Care). We also provide in-kind gifts: Easter and Thanksgiving baskets to over 100 needy families in Stamford and New Haven, an Angel tree which provide gifts to children served by Kids in Crisis, coat and blanket drive, and food donations throughout the year to keep the food pantry in Neighbor to Neighbor stocked.
Additionally, we created an emergency outreach fund after Hurricane Katrina caused us to recognize the need to have funds available for quick response to unanticipated events. St. Paul's parishioners responded to the Haiti earthquake  by raising approximately $15,000 in the immediate aftermath to assist in the recovery efforts through Episcopal Relief and Development. 
Many in the parish support hands-on volunteering, including Sunday Suppers which provide 225 members of our community with a hot meal.
In recent years contributions have been directed to help renovate a local adult day care facility serving Greenwich, to build a church and purchase worship materials in Cuba, and to expand a school in Haiti allowing it to increase its education and health care offerings to its children, as well as financial support for The Bishop's Fund for Children, and the Diocese of Jerusalem.

F.I.A.T Fund-Raising Events

St. Paul's sponsors several events to raise funds for our FIAT activities and certain other non-operating and operating purposes. The tremendous fellowship opportunity enjoyed by many volunteers is a wonderful side benefit to the parish. 
Other recent FIAT fund-raising events and activities have included Run for a Change, Christmas Cookie Exchanges, and Souper bowl Sunday.

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